English Camp (E-CAMP) 2022 is an annual program of SMPIT Istiqamah. It is kind of English Team and teachers of SMPIT Istiqamah Balikpapan’s project that is intended to be an internal camp for grade 8 students in SMPIT Istiqamah only.

This year, English Camp’s theme is “Back to Nature, Get the Adventure”, is also collaborate with grade 8 project called, Eco Print. Eco Print activities was held in HLSW (Hutan Lindung Sungai Wain) and in collaboration with KAGAMA Balikpapan.

And for the camp, was held in Waduk Manggar Km. 12 for 3 days 2 nights, on September 7th to 9th 2022. So, in this activity there are English Camp and Eco print combined.

Hopefully, it would be a great support in improving English skills and also emerging entrepreneurship on students.


Sekolah Islam Terpadu Istiqamah YPAIT Balikpapan
The Excellent Quranic Leader and Entrepreneur.

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